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Trench-Less Replacement of Sewer Piping

HammerHead® piercing, bursting and ramming products are used by contractors around the globe to install or replace fiber, communication, water, sewer and gas lines with minimal disruption to above ground landscapes, structures and traffic flow.

Excavated Lateral Replacement

  • With excavated lateral replacement methods large and heavy construction equipment is used to dig up the old pipe.
  • Large trenches and big equipment damage lawns, kill trees and destroy expensive landscaping.
  • Excavated lateral replacement methods may result in soil settling which can damage surface structures.
  • Depending on soil conditions, the rehabilitation of landscaping may take years and can be both difficult and expensive.
  • Excavated replacement is slower and excavations may be open for extended periods.

Trenchless Lateral Replacement

Trenchless technology allows us to do this from one or two small access points. This means:

  • Quicker repair and minimal disruption to your daily routine.
  • The installation of brand new HDPE pipe which is guaranteed to be leak free.
  • The new installation of HDPE pipe which is resistant to corrosion and root infestation as well as earthquake and ground movement.
  • Alternative methods such as lining may be a short term fix and can result in reduced flow away from your home.
  • Most trenchless lateral replacements can be done in less than a day.
  • After trenchless replacement of your sewer lateral it's hard to tell we were ever there.

Call us for an inspection and free estimate for replacing your home's damaged or worn out lateral.

We are dedicated to providing Green Solutions for pipe replacement. Leakage from damaged and aging home sewer laterals is a leading cause of ground water contamination. This is why the EPA's goal is the replacement of all home laterals by 2015. Set your mind at ease about the potential for water damage or regulatory fines caused from a leaking sewer lateral. We will inspect them and if damage is detected we'll replace the lines trenchlessly. There is no job too big or small. Our company has the most advanced equipment available on the market today to replace your sewer lateral quickly, efficiently and environmentally friendly. Be a friend of the environment. Act now to see if your sewer is intact.

Sewer & Drain Pipe Inspectation Camera

Each Plumbing service truck is equipped with a camera which all of our service technicians are specially trained in operating. Running a camera down a problematic line can greatly reduce the guess work typically involved in trying to fix the problem with the line. Rudd’s cameras not only enable their technicians to see exactly what is in the line, like clogs or stages, they also show the condition of the line itself, like rust or corrosion problems. Rudd wants to help your home run more efficiently, and the sewer and drain pipe camera is just one more way they are doing this.

Bulldog Jetter

Rudd utilizes The Bulldog 3518D Sewer Jetter, which employs a smaller machine that fits into tight spaces, but still boasts a powerful 4000psi 5 cylinder pump. It features a wireless remote control, pulsations options and anti-freeze circulation. With an optional ¼” hose we can clean out as small as a 2” line. Not to mention, the quick release hose reel allows the plumber to jet lines in extremely tight places, something standard jetters just can’t do.

Call Rudd the next time you have a stoppage or slow drain. We can clean your lines out and have them working properly once and for all. All of our technicians are specially trained in using The Bulldog 3518D, and will leave the work site cleaner than when they arrive.